About Us

Ez-Ski Industry Leading Hitch-Haulers are simply the safest, strongest, most affordable units on the market. Every unit we build comes standard with a LIFETIME warranty. Our Hitch-Haulers are the absolute safest and easiest way to get your ski to the water. 10+ years in business and the #1 in the Industry for the last 8 years running. 

Ez-Ski Jet Ski Hitch-Haulers were born out of NECESSITY. The need to be able to haul and launch your ski without aid from a friend, neighbor or the local hangout at the lake. 

Ez-Ski units  allow a single rider to load, unload , launch and haul their ski with ease. These units also eliminate the need to have  a single place trailer, no more license fees, tires, bearings or need of space to store that trailer. Ez-Ski Hitch-Haulers can simply lean against the wall in your garage when not in use.  Bonus.. you can travel in the CARPOOL and FAST LANE with our units!!!!!

For those of you out there that would like to haul your ski along with towing a boat or another trailer, our  V2 models have a class 3 hitch receiver  that accepts a standard hitch built right  into the rear of the unit. These will hold up to 650 lbs of tongue weight and pull up to 6000 lbs for the 2" version. We also build our Gorilla 2.5" for the Newer HD trucks with Class 5 receivers. These will hold up to 950lbs of tongue weight and pull up to 10,000 lbs.